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In cooperation with the Ukrainian sports centre Phdsporttraining, we are launching the programme “Special physical training and post-trauma rehabilitation”. Consultations and sessions will be held by Ukrainian specialist PhD Pavlo Sirenko (Павло Сіренко)

Modern training and physical rehabilitation methods for athletes offer a variety of form and content, involving most of the kinematic links. Speaking of external influences requiring the application of forces in different planes, and at different angles of muscular contractions, it is necessary to note the relevance of creating a scientific and methodological basis for practical kinesiology, which will form the basis for analysing and optimising the movement structure of the main body segments. More information on the website


We still work in a very safe environment, but we accept young and old, with problems big and small.

If you have a problem that needs help or want to improve your physical fitness, feel free to apply! Telephone for registration 27831777 

About us

Modern, professional, and cosy physiotherapy centre

Physiotherapy is a branch of rehabilitation that assesses a person’s physical and functional condition and uses a variety of active and passive therapeutic methods to improve it.

In 2016, Medsport, like any growth-orientated team, needed a new challenge. This challenge is to improve people’s quality of life by providing high level physiotherapy services. To make this happen, we have created a modern physiotherapy centre.

Medsport physiotherapy centre is a place where adults and children can regain their strength, improve their health, and take care of their body and mind. You can get consultations with highly qualified specialists, a wide range of physiotherapy treatments, a wide range of massages, as well as individual and group sessions.

Medsport physiotherapy centre welcomes everyone who needs post-trauma rehabilitation, those who care of their body and mind and want to improve their health, those who are active in sports on a daily basis, as well as professional athletes who want to achieve even better results.

We are convinced that a healthy and active lifestyle improves physical well-being, increases work capacity and energy, and helps to achieve goals. We will be proud to be a trustworthy helper in your development!

The main value of our centre is the individual approach to each client’s needs!

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